About us


To improve the living conditions of all communities in the Western Cape by advancing community autonomy, self-help and the intensification of democracy through the advancement of federalism.

Supplementary objectives, with a specific focus on the Western Cape:

  • The establishment of strong autonomous communities focused on self-help to among other things help fight poverty, build community economies and help establish well-functioning communities. 
  • Conflict resolution, the advancement of cooperation and mutual recognition and respect between the various communities of the Western Cape.
  • Setting to work on community-based safety projects for the advancement of the safety of the general public.
  • The advancement of human rights and the intensification of democracy by working towards the devolution of decision-making power to the lowest possible level on a federal basis to empower communities to take greater responsibility for their communities themselves.


Heindrich Wyngaard – Executive Chairperson

Heindrich Wyngaard has established himself as one of South Africa’s foremost Afrikaans commentators on politics and social issues as well as a presenter on radio and television. He was previously a parliamentary correspondent, as well as the political and opinion editor at two mainstream newspapers. Other roles he played were as a spokesperson in national and provincial government departments, as well as media manager at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. In addition to his studies in journalism, he also completed a number of modules in leadership and business management at USB-Executive Development and Wits Business School.

Maryna Marengo-Barnard

Maryna Marengo-Barnard is a lawyer and former teacher who has distinguished herself over the years as a cultural educator in Eastern Cape rural communities. Her community work has taken her overseas with groups of learners. Now resident in the Western Cape, she remains committed to creating opportunities for young people in particular.

Malixole Gwatyu

Malixole Gwatyu has worked as a media and communication expert for, among others, the international agricultural organisation Solidaridad, the marketing agency Brand et al. and the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU). His journalistic career saw him working for Die Burger, Landbouweekblad and Farming SA, as well as a field presenter for the television programme Nisboere, before he recently took up his latest corporate communications role.

Carol van der Linde

Carol van der Linde is a passionate strategic branding and communications builder with over 20 years of experience in the marketing and branding strategy environment in the public and private sectors. She is driven by her desire to understand what makes communities tick and to provide solutions that result in commercial value and increased community involvement. Her previous experience includes working at the inner core of the Western Cape government as Communications Director and as Integrated Strategic Director for the City of Cape Town. Carol earned her honours degree in economics and marketing management from the North-West University.

William Sezoe

William Sezoe is a senior education student at Stellenbosch University and an Afrikaans language activist in his own right. He hails from the Cape West Coast and believes that education is the best vehicle to unlock possibilities for greater self-reliance.

Jean-Paul (“JP”) Biko Keyter

Jean-Paul (“JP”) Biko Keyter holds a national diploma in business management. Having grown up in poverty in Uitenhage, it is his passion to help create prosperity in communities. His rugby talent offered him a semi-professional contract, but due to a serious injury, he had to bid the sport farewell. A career in broadcasting followed on platforms including BayFM, Kingfisher FM, Jacaranda, SABC Sport and eNuus. Currently, he works for an American company that provides media training for Fortune 500 companies while also running his own production company.

William Waugh – Chief Operating Officer

William Waugh is Chief Operating Officer at Cape Forum and also serves on various boards within the broader Solidarity Movement. He obtained his degree at the University of Pretoria and is an accountant by profession and an activist by heart.

Kallie Kriel

Kallie Kriel is CEO of AfriForum. He obtained his master’s degree in political geography at the University of Pretoria. Throughout his life, he worked to strengthen and build up existing organisations as well as to establish new organisations, such as Saai and the Cape Forum.