Coke chokes brown matriculants and school leavers

These days, not only the Dis-Chems of South Africa pursue the ANC’s dogma of “black in general, but African in particular” – it seems Coca Cola (better known as Coke) now also does.

This popular cold drink company recently put up an advertisement in the Southern Cape town of Caledon, sending the following message to the youth: If you are brown (indigenous) or white, say goodbye to your chances of a career at Coke. This English advertisement, which excludes brown and white people, was put up in an Afrikaans brown and white community. Coke’s marketers can most definitely not read a map!

There exists no B-BBEE legislation to enforce this decision by Coke. This is also not the first incidence of open discrimination against the indigenous group of a country. In 2015 Coke was also guilty of similar cultural and racial discrimination.  

The Cape Forum opposes all forms of racial, gender, religious or any other form of politically inspired division. South Africa will only work if everyone is allowed to work together.

The Cape Forum will take this case further. If you support us, please sign this petition to give us the mandate of as many people as possible to stop this blatant injustice.  

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